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I Saw Her Standing There


Cindy has just moved to Kansas City, Missouri with her military dad. She is working at the local country club in order to save money for her future college plans. Relationships have never worked for her with all the moving, so she doesn't even bother looking these days.

Prince has lived in Kansas City his whole life with his family. His summer is usually spent hanging out at the country club with his friends and family. But the girls in his group just don't seem to be right for him.

The annual end of the summer celebration for teens at the country club will bring the two of them together.

There are parts of the story reminiscent of 80s movies like Caddyshack and The Karate Kid. And of course, it all goes like the fairy tale Cinderella in the end!


  • 50075 words
  • About 200 pages
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