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How to Love and Lose a Jewel.


Recovering from a "suicide attempt," per every health official he and his parents encountered, Demi-Ray Villa is back to dealing with life day to day. It's the only way he knows how. Life isn't exciting, life isn't much of anything. And as far as Demi-Ray is concerned, that's perfectly fine. Then he came along.
Jewel freaking Casanova.
Against his better judgement, Demi-Ray makes it his mission in life to befriend the quiet, moody boy with skin the color of brown sugar. Only, how can he befriend someone that's just as screwed up in the head as he is? It's possible that two negatives can form a positive, right? Demi-Ray hopes so. And after almost losing himself, what more could he have to lose?
His name is Demitri-Raymond Castro Villa, and this is how he loved and lost a Jewel.


  • 64493 words
  • About 258 pages
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