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How To Kill For Love


Selah has never so much as squished a spider. As a priestess-in-training, she was taught to respect all life. She's yearned to serve in the Temple of Heaven since childhood, and at the age of sixteen, her dreams are about to come true. But to save her sister from a terminal illness, she'll have to put aside both her aspirations and her morals to hunt down a demon known as a Watcher.

If she returns from the magicless world of San Francisco with his heart, its healing properties will restore her sister's health—but she quickly discovers the Watcher isn't the horrible monster she imagined. He's handsome, charming, and treats her with nothing but kindness. Finding the resolve to kill him will be harder than she ever thought possible.

She must tread carefully, or the heart that's stolen could be her own.


  • 67710 words
  • About 271 pages
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