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Seventeen-year-old Taryn Horton wasn't even alive when the first victim disappeared from the highway outside her wilderness lake-resort home. Despite faded missing persons posters plastered around her small town for decades, Taryn has always considered hitchhiking a harmless and necessary from of transportation - until her boyfriend's fourteen-year-old sister copies her example and vanishes. Following the cryptic clues left by a dead serial killer who is communicating to her through her dreams, Taryn races to find Grace before it's too late, then risks becoming the next victim of a brutal psychopath who has been harbouring abducted women.

In the vein of The Virgin Suicides and The Lovely Bones, Hitching is a chilling psychological thriller told through the dual narrative of a murderer from the seventies and a modern day teenage girl.


  • 56060 words
  • About 224 pages
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