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Hero of Toad


A magical toad and a quest…

A witch in a mysterious forest…

And a boy wishing to become a hero…

One day there sits an obstinate toad on the road that Stray and his crippled, one-eared mule usually travel into town. It is unbeknownst to him that that it is no ordinary toad… At least until he hears rumour of a witch who is in search of that very creature – for it is a Hatter.

Its appearance coincides with the return of a school comrade from Stray’s childhood, one of noble lineage, who has shown him nothing but contempt throughout the years. Despite past feelings, he now wishes to speak with Stray, putting forth a most peculiar proposal.

In one day, a poor outcast’s life will be entangled in an adventure that will have him realise who he truly is!


  • 88853 words
  • About 355 pages
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