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Her Royal Highness


Charlotte is the quintessential royal wild child. Born to privilege, she rejects everything about her opulent lifestyle in favor of rebellion, alcohol and parties.
After a poor choice leads to a near fatal accident, Charlotte’s options are taken out of her hands. She is appointed a conservator, an outsider to oversee her reckless spending and partying ways. Sexy and strict Holden Shaw comes in to her life looking more like a rock star than a guardian, but she quickly learns her beauty and charm has no effect on him.
After a bombshell betrayal by her mother, Charlotte turns to Holden, and sets in motion a shift in their relationship that blurs their boundaries, breaks down their walls, and makes both of them question everything they once believed.
Will Holden become Charlotte’s newest addiction?


  • 87730 words
  • About 351 pages
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