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In modern-time New York, no one is aware of those lingering in the shadows, except for them and their hunters. People with supernatural abilities roam the streets in fear, except for one group, lead by a killer.

Raven didn't chose that life, he was made to pick. If he wanted his life, he had to obey the scientists and kill. He had no other choice.
But, now, things are drastically changing. With a new group of gifted appearing, one that opposes Raven's, he is forced to fight. Though, he doesn't know what for. Fight to become someone else rather than the 'hellhound' of the underground, or fight to justify that name?

Attention Readers. This novels contains graphic content that is not suitable for those under 15 such as; violence, self-harm and suicide. Please proceed with caution.


  • 57816 words
  • About 231 pages
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