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Heat Lightning


Jenni Easton, age 16, is going through an introverted phase and mostly wants to stay in her room and read. She also has mood swings and outbursts and disabling fear of the water. Her parents, worried that Jenni doesn’t socialize enough, decide to send her to an upscale retreat for 16-year-olds with mental health issues. When Jenni arrives, she meets two girls who fascinate her and they become quick friends. However, all three girls exhibit behavior that threatens their growing bond. When Jenni, who has never been on a date before, meets her first love at the retreat, things get even more complicated. Jenni gets drawn into the web of drama surrounding her friend’s romantic lives while trying to navigate her own and must battle her demons while feeling compelled to rescue the people around her.


  • 48690 words
  • About 195 pages
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