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Half of Something Else


Cady knows her crush on her best friend's boyfriend, Ari, is all kinds of wrong, but that doesn't stop her from occasionally wondering what if. Not that it matters, because Mei is the most important person in her life, and the only one who knows about Cady's mom's wicked hoarding problem.

When Mei leaves the country for the summer, Cady is left alone, and, thanks to a traffic stop on prom night, without her beloved VW Bug. When Ari swoops to the rescue and offers to spend the summer taking her to the drive-in where they both work, she jumps at the offer.

With Ari by her side, Cady starts to enjoy the summer she thought was ruined without Mei. And for a brief second, she even thinks she can finally get over him. But when she finds out the truth about Mei and Ari, she must make a choice between the people she loves most.


  • 65007 words
  • About 260 pages
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