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When Charlie's brother Ethan commits suicide, her religious father condemns him to Hell and her mother becomes a ghost in the house, leaving Charlie all alone. Then a mysterious boy named Hayden shows up on the front porch with a letter from Ethan which reveals a secret: Ethan was gay.

Adjusting to this news, Charlie starts to wonder what else her brother had been hiding, so she sets out to track down Hayden, hoping he'll lead her to more clues that maybe, just maybe, will give her the real answer she needs: Why did he do it?

In her search to find her brother, Charlie never expects to find herself hanging out in a shady bar, dog-walking, painting an unfinished mural, and especially not falling in love. As her family is falling apart, Charlie learns how to put herself back together.


  • 81361 words
  • About 325 pages
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