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Guardians of the Dark


Centuries after a corrupting mist darkened the earth, the Metropolis of Light harbours the last of humankind. Kasen joins the army as a Gatherer – collectors of the Dark and defenders against the corrupted civilisation outside – but when he's selected as a Guardian instead, his dreams shatter. Guardians protect the collected Dark, but the people fear them. After all, when working closely with the Dark, you’re bound to be corrupted.

Samael is the only person in the Dark Capital to have stepped foot in the Metropolis of Light and didn't die. He also had a brother, Kasen, before he got corrupted and exiled from the city. The Dark Emperor has a plan to destroy the Metropolis of Light, in which Samael plays a key part. He must infiltrate his old home and free the Dark, even if that means going through every Guardian who stands in his way.


  • 71895 words
  • About 288 pages
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