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Gods of Death


Duane Johnston just fell in love... twice. Once with Christina, a girl from school who works at Chic-fil-a and likes biology as much as he does. And once with Mariel, a living incarnation of death who likes pie and brightly colored neck ties, and who no one else seems able to see. Choosing between them should be easy, but with his parents marriage seemingly falling apart, and the stress of trying to fit in with new friends in a new city, Duane finds that both Christina and Mariel each provide something he desperately needs, and giving one of them up to be with the other feels impossible. As Duane tries to navigate his suddenly tumultuous love life, Mariel stumbles upon a serial killer operating in Salt Lake City who's planning something big. Stopping him depends on Duane, Mariel and Christina finding a way to work together.


  • 62437 words
  • About 250 pages
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