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Girls Don't Play Videogames


Best friends, Nick and Alexi, are preparing to graduate. Nick, as captain of the gaming team, is offered a scholarship at university under one condition: his team must win the state championships. But then one of his teammates moves away, and he decides to host tryouts to fill his spot.

Alexi puts her name up. She’s criticized, even by Nick. She's the underrepresented sex, after all, which means the scout might award her the scholarship instead. And with a bed-ridden mother and no father, Nick can’t afford to go to university without it.

Alexi refuses to back off, and Nick can't understand how she – someone who’s wealthy enough to afford ivy league schools – could risk it all for a silly gaming team. And then there’s the small detail of how every time they touch, sparks seem to fly.

But they’re just friends, right?



  • 62561 words
  • About 250 pages
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