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Girl with a Rose Tattoo


Jenny and Tina don’t know each other yet, although they attended the same high school, and the same Grad party on the evening of June 22, 1984. A rare celestial event is about to change that.

Each girl is spending the night with her boyfriend in a cabin at the lake south of Valleytown. At a critical moment, while Tina is being ravished by her boyfriend, Rob, and Jenny is seducing her fiancée, Jack, a fireball hurtles through the early morning sky overhead, and the threads of their lives become interwoven. They meet months later and discover their life experience, while different, present them with similar challenges and one fateful choice. The events of a June evening so many months ago, which determined their destiny, brought them to a nexus in place and time, and from then on, they face life’s challenges together.


  • 82293 words
  • About 329 pages
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