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Gaze at the Stars


Shaul Erlie has always felt out of place, and not just because he lives in space. As the shuttle driver’s son in one of the most luxurious space-station apartments in the system, famous Bez Vonk, he dreams of living a life worthy of the attention of the station’s most eligible bachelorette—Roos De Vries. She just happens to be the boss’ daughter.
Nollie De Vries is the toughest business woman in space. But when Shaul’s reappearance and Roos’s interest in him threatens to derail a merger she’s been dreaming of her whole career, she’s determined not to go down without a fight. She’ll have to distract Shaul long enough for Roos to go through with her wedding.
Plans fall awry when Shaul actually falls in love with Nollie. Maybe their relationship started out as a business strategy, but an added betrayal by Nollie cements all their futures.


  • 43062 words
  • About 172 pages
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