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From Grief to Colour


Innocence. Family. Love. Betrayal.

The young Queen Deidra was handed the crown and has no idea how to rule the kingdom of Avalem that has been waiting for her, but with her sister Delaney as advisor and general who she trusts with all her heart, it's bearable when there is family nearby.

But then her sister passes away in battle and weeks after, a man she doesn't recognize takes the place that had belonged to her sister for years. With her heart still full of grief, caution and curiosity makes their way into her heart. Can she trust him? Can she trust his words, his heart?

Soon, a new challenge is thrusted at her-the stake rising with each passing day- and this threat will shake her roots, corner her in devastating ways and change her future - forever.

This is her story, long before Snow White. Before being the Evil Queen.


  • 48537 words
  • About 194 pages
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