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Fragile Like A Bomb


Fragile like a Bomb, is a story about a Kingdom, a land, and the people that live in that kingdom. From a distance it presents itself like so many other kingdoms, Lavish, Exquisite, enviable. Get closer though and the shadows underneath can be seen. The castle had high walls, and those walls had deep cracks. Only a select few know of the darkness and secrecy that bubbles beneath the wholesome fa├žade known as Westwood. The people of Westwood are living under the tyrant rule of King Sylvester. Secrets are uncovered, family bonds are tested, truths are distorted and unusual alliances are formed.

Can a team of misfits, bastards, and a powerless heir take down a kingdom, free its people, and expose the all mighty, powerful king for the tyrant and snake that he is? An affirmation of friendship, family, strength and overcoming obstacles.


  • 63827 words
  • About 255 pages
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