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Forever Right Now


When Luna and Law meet, sparks fly. (Not.) The only thing burning for Luna is a trail of past mistakes. She has a serious case of wanderlust. Law is at best a potential friend, the farm boy she finds herself drawn to because of his easy smile and how he doesn't hide his true self. But no way will she get close and risk another broken heart.

Law doesn't have time for distraction. He's got a plan: forget about his ex, hit the road to heal his heartache, and make a fresh start so he can return back to the stable, grounded person he knows himself to be. Nothing in that plan includes falling for a quirky art school dropout.

Together they can heal, but only if the impact of their lives colliding doesn't cause a fallout more painful than the broken hearts they set out to mend.


  • 70509 words
  • About 282 pages
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