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For the Love of Beauty


Coerced into joining the Disney experience by family pressure, Tony would rather be any place other than the Magic Kingdom. That is until his heart is swept away by the captivating Belle Amavi, The moneyed world of Tony presents a stark contrast to Belle's midwestern upbringing.Belle's life provides an inescapable destiny as her mother passed from pancreatic cancer when Belle was very young.
Walking in the steps of romance, music, paradise and a one in a million Disney wedding, Tony and Belle also journey thru chemo and radiation therapy, hospice and Belle's inevitable passing. As a broken hearted Tony is fatally injured, he rejoins a sparkling Belle on a higher plane.
Their love meant to last beyond the physical boundaries of life, their souls remain dancing amidst their kingdom.


  • 69036 words
  • About 276 pages
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