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When Mia Baker begins at an elite school on a scholarship, she’s instantly besotted with hot but arrogant Finn Davis. When she overhears him commenting on her attractiveness compared to her beautiful older sister, Joy, she takes an instant dislike to him.

When Finn’s friend Charlie takes an interest in Joy, and invites them to his family’s lake house for the weekend, Mia and Finn are forced into close proximity and their attraction to each other continues to grow.

When Grayson Walker, an old acquaintance of Finn, tells Mia stories about Finn and his family, Mia begins to doubt Finn’s character. Then Mia discovers that Finn was the reason for Charlie breaking up with his sister and rejects Finn in the harshest way.

But, if there is to be a happily ever after, Mia must overcome her pride, and Finn, Mia’s socio economic status.


  • 47376 words
  • About 190 pages
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