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First Kisses and Other Misfortunes


Will their love sink or swim?

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  • Heat

    5 (4 ratings)

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Nico is worried. Again. After freeing Martin from the illegal love charms of his evil ex-girlfriend, Nico was sure that their love would be the perfect romance he'd been waiting for. But it's been months and Nico's still waiting for his first kiss.

Fortunately, the Canal Festival is coming up and like all Grimbaud events, it will be filled with romance... especially the Water Parade, Nico's favorite part. And this year, Nico will be the captain of his own small boat! It's the perfect opportunity for a romantic (and hopefully kiss-filled) date with his boyfriend.

There's just one small problem: Martin is afraid of drowning. Will Nico's dreams of a romantic first kiss be sunk before they are even launched?



Love Fortunes and Other Disasters:

"Definitely worth the read if you're into magical, fairy-tale-esque, sweet love stories with a modern contemporary twist!" — Books and Cleverness blog

"An enchanting, delightful tale of magic, love, and finding the strength to beat destiny." — Book Rook Reviews

"An unusual love story that will delight readers." — School Library Journal

"Kim's work is full of magic, wonder, adventure, and excitement." — MochiManiac