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Summer's wish is to have a dad. But the odds of ever finding her biological father are one in a million. She’s the product of an anonymous sperm donor, an unscrupulous fertility agent and a closed fertility clinic.

When Summer’s best friend, Jake, performs an illegal hack for her seventeenth birthday, she’s in for a shocking surprise. All the evidence indicates that her father is Lord Henry Appleton, an English Lord, billionaire and CEO of the most esteemed real estate company in London. Who could ask for a better father figure?

But getting close to him isn’t easy. Even if Summer lands the prestigious internship as his personal assistant, she must contend with Lord Henry's conniving ex-girlfriend, the relentless paparazzi, and the growing attraction between him and her mum--all while carrying a secret that only she and Jake know.


  • 92460 words
  • About 370 pages
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