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Evolution: One (Eagan's Evolution)


You are invited to witness the evolution of a young man, Eagan Horus, and the people who want to control him: The Historians, the Protectors, the Scourge and a Thief.

The Q’tani are the Historians, who travel the universe via a flash of light, allowing them to traverse space and time. Hidden deep within the Pleiades is the Uvaromene Home World. The Uvaromene are the Protectors, those who put themselves in harm’s way, to save others. On the other side of the universe, the Scourge, the Radiant Planisphere are planet destroyers. On Earth, the most intelligent and innovative man on the planet, is a Thief.

In this exciting series, we follow Eagan’s adventures, with his three best friends, as he learns who he is and how he can impact the universe…past, present and future.


  • 80829 words
  • About 323 pages
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