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Even A Broken Heart Will Bleed


Law is searching for someone from a dream. The thoughts are fleeting, but he's left with a clear image of her face. He knows she is the key to unlocking the mysteries of his mind, but he has to find her first. He will sink every ship until he has her, because in his world, only those with knowledge and power survive. He's risking his life to find her, but his court is on edge with his brother trying to take over. If he isn't able to find answers soon, he'll lose everything, including his life.

Elody is what the Prince has been looking for. Her fiery personality and unflinching gaze cause him to feel alive for the first time, like his body knows something his mind has forgotten. The same is true for his brother, though he'd never admit it. There's something different about Elody, and the air seems to move around instead of against her.


  • 72146 words
  • About 289 pages
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