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"I had died more times than I cared to know. It should probably have felt tragic or pathetic or something, but I didn’t care about how many times I died or how young I was in every death. What kept me up at night was the body count."

Eager to start a new life, seventeen year old Sophie and her mother, move to Forest View, an idyllic small town. There Sophie planned to start fresh, wanting to appeal to her mother's wishes for her to finish high school the normal way; happy, healing and making friends. But a strange connection between newly met Alex and Evan sends normal spiraling out of reach. Hunted by demons and colliding worlds Sophie struggles to juggle protecting her loved ones and seeking the answers to all the mysteries in front of her. Can she fight her fate, the odds against her, to carve a path to a new destiny?


  • 152211 words
  • About 609 pages
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