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Enchanted High Book 1


June Price is powerful; she can manipulate water and create an army of duplicates of herself. At thirteen years old, it is her time to attend a magical school where her abilities are appreciated - a school where witches deliver the timetable, shrunken heads take the place of doorknobs, billboards sprout eyes, and flowers eat flesh. But there's a sinister force lurking over June; a disruption in the atmosphere, a collision of spells, a tale from history, and, worst of all, an evil re-incarnated Prince who will stop at nothing to find her because she wears the face of his deceased lover.

Her throat felt dry. "We will never help you."
He pressed his lips against her cheek; then she could feel his teeth dig into her earlobes as he whispered with an ice cold breath: "I'm not asking you."


  • 81957 words
  • About 328 pages
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