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Lily's best friend Jace is moving to the other side of town and they've no classes together. Lily wants more than friendship but he starts dating Kiara who is pretty, popular & the best at everything. Then, Lily discovers something she is good at, swimming. Lily doesn't want Jace and Kiara to kiss! With an unusual offer from Murray, the swim team superstar, Lily has the chance to ruin the blossoming romance, but at what cost? With a warning from her mum, famous for her fortune-telling skills, to stay away from Murray, Lily has to choose to follow her heart and accept Murray's offer or let Jace go. And, with all the 'fishy' things that keep happening, her complicated romantic life is just the 'spark' of her problems. Lily learns she's merallo & needs to control her powers before she kills!


  • 62564 words
  • About 250 pages
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