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Dream Keeper Amber R. Duell


The Sandman is Nora’s closest friend and best kept secret—he has to be if she doesn’t want to lose him. One word about the Sandman will have Nora’s mother dragging her back to the psychiatrist for brain-numbing medication. But when people close to Nora start dying gruesome deaths in their sleep, the Sandman is the only one she can turn to.

When Nora learns the Sandman hid the secret to his enemy’s release inside her dreams, everything finally makes sense. That doesn’t ease the sting of betrayal. And things are only about to get worse. The Weaver, Lord of Nightmares, will do whatever it takes to make Nora hand over the information—even if that means kidnapping her sister—but he underestimated how far she would go to protect her family.


  • 75097 words
  • About 300 pages
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