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Don't Let Go


When a helpless freshman in distress turns out to be a vicious, human-eating gremlin, Aisling takes any help she can get, even from Kieran Walker. Kieran jumps from the closet crush she’s been ignoring for the past year to the lying, irksome immortal being and the only shot at protection for both her and her mom. Protection that she can only get from Other Realm, where the immortal creatures of imagination dwell.

But Kieran has better things to do than help an annoying, overly sarcastic high school girl. Mainly, finding the missing King and Queen before the Matron steals the throne and exacts her revenge on both Realms.

The Matron will do anything to keep Aisling and Kieran from stopping her revenge on the worlds that ruined her. Getting in the way of Kieran and Aisling’s budding romance? Well, that's just icing on the cake for her.


  • 66709 words
  • About 267 pages
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