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Destiny (Destiny #1)


When 17 year old Claire moves to Columbia Falls with her father, she expects her life to continue as it always has: In solitude.

But she soon discovers a supernatural world where vampires and Hunters exist and she’s well and truly in the middle of it.

William, the boy she has feelings for is a half vampire; the boy from her dreams, is her protector, annoying and cocky Luke; and her father hunts vampires in his spare time.

When she’s moved to The Compound for her safety, she discovers that while she may love William, she is destined to be with Luke.

Claire’s so sure that what she has with William is real, despite him being a half-vampire. Or perhaps she’s just not willing to admit to loving a boy she can't even stand half the time. Will her stubbornness at attempting to rewrite destiny pay off will she live to regret it?


  • 52483 words
  • About 210 pages
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