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Eighteen-year-old Delilah Scarlett has everything going for her. She has a rich father, a Parisian model mother, and a twenty-year-old guitarist boyfriend. Everything is great — except for the fact that she's really sixteen-year-old Glenna Hastings, and she doesn't really have any of those things, only the older boyfriend who has no idea that Delilah doesn't really exist.

She quickly becomes immersed in her secret life, gaining confidence and her first loyal best friend. For the first time, Glenna has a life outside school and work, and it's addicting. She knows it has to end sometime, but it gets harder and harder to walk away from everything Delilah has given her. Before she knows it, she's in way over her head.

What happens when Delilah starts to take over?


  • 50349 words
  • About 201 pages
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