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Delicious Hope


Xander is the school nerd with the IQ level of Albert Einstein and star student in Math and Science. He is poor and goes to a private school for rich kids in Los Angeles, California, despite him having very little money his aunt pays for his tuition fees. He has a huge crush on the king of the school Jared Brenner hoping that someday Jared may just fall for him. Jared is the king, former star quarter back, crack addict, and alcoholic. His parents work in The Twin Towers and when they come home they completely ignore him, his girlfriend's name is Meredith Allen.Jared has anxiety, ADHD, and severe depression, all things that cause him to drink. Jared has it easy right? Rich, handsome as hell, popular jock, and the king? Well not necessarily because Jared just like Xander is a homosexual. Will Xander's wish of Jared liking him back come true


  • 48034 words
  • About 192 pages
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