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Deadly Curious


Some secrets are better left buried.

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1834. Sophia Thompson wants nothing more than to be one of the famed Bow Street Runners, London's most elite corps of detectives. Never mind that a woman has never before joined their ranks—and certainly never mind that her reclusive family has forbidden her from pursuing such an unladylike goal.

She gets the chance to prove her capabilities when an urgent letter arrives from her frantic cousin Daphne, begging Sophia to come look into the suspicious death of Daphne's brother.

As Sophia begins to unravel the tangled threads of the case—with the help of a charming young policeman—she soon realizes that the murderer may be even closer to her family than she ever suspected.


A sharp, intense pain in his neck stilled his hands. He felt a warm cascade of blood spill across his shoulder and he tilted, slowly collapsing into the grass.

A figure stood over him.

“Why?” he managed with his last breath.

The figure did not answer and the silence of death filled the glade.


"Reminiscent of Deanna Raybourn’s Veronica Speedwell series ... I read it all in one day and couldn’t put it down. 5/5 stars." —Books Over Everything

Cindy Anstey:

"A blend of Jane Austen, Jack the Ripper, and your favorite cozy mystery. ... The romance was lovely, sweet and a perfect subplot to the darker tones of murder, mystery and mayhem." —Isabel Ibañez, author of Woven in Moonlight, on The Hummingbird Dagger

"This Christmas tale set in the 1817 English countryside is a nod and a wink to the works of Jane Austen and Charles Dickens. ... This book could serve as a stepping stone to classic read-alikes, such as Pride and Prejudice or Jane Eyre." —School Library Journal, on Carols and Chaos

"Fans of Regency romance and Downton Abbey alike will be charmed by this tale of a budding relationship between lady’s maid Kate Darby and gentleman’s gentleman Matt Harlow. ... Full of richly imagined period detail and gasp-inducing setbacks before resolving into a credible and satisfactory arrangement for the lovers, this makes for a cozy, engaging tuck-in on a winter’s night." —The Bulletin, on Carols and Chaos

"Anstey’s tale embraces a self-reliant main character, a loyal friend, innocent romance, witty conversation, and English country settings, each more splendid than the last. This is a delightful salute to Jane Austen and will be a treat for her fans." —VOYA, on Suitors and Sabotage

"Jane Austen spiced with action, suspense, and humor." —VOYA, on Duels & Deception, starred review

"Jane Austen fans in need of a good new book, look no further. Cindy Anstey’s new YA novel, Duels & Deception, is your next regency romance treat." —Entertainment Weekly, on Duels & Deception

"It’s Jane Austen meets Jane Foster in Anstey’s debut novel, which serves up a delightful combination of Regency romance, scientific curiosity, and spy intrigue for a tale that will have readers rooting for love and science." —Entertainment Weekly, on Love, Lies and Spies