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Dawn Rising


Alyssia’s mind is not her own. She’s shared it, for as long as she can remember, with four other people: Oriana, tormented in secret by the man she’s bound to marry; Fabithe, a jaded and deadly sell-sword; Luthan, a blood mage living in hiding from those who would kill her; and Torale, a prisoner who doesn’t know why he’s being kept alive. They’re not real, of course. Most likely they’re hallucinations stemming from the car accident that left her without family or memories of her own. Yet for better or worse, they’re all she has.

As the visions grow darker, she struggles to attend school, keep her head down and pretend to be normal – until the night she falls through her reflection into the strange, brutal world she’s been seeing all this time. It’s real. Which means her friends are, too. Maybe she can help them … if she can find them.


  • 110488 words
  • About 442 pages
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