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Daughter of Avalon


For Philia, modern Wales is exile, and Avalon her true home. When her latest attempt for Avalon leaves her injured and alone, Philia seeks new allies at her uncle's Scottish fencing school.
For Will, Avalon is home and training ground. The traitor Amaranth stole Will’s mother, and Will joins the King's Watch to bring her back. Then the King gives Will a high-risk mission: pursue an assassin whose target is the King’s lost daughter, Philia Pendragon.
When Will and the assassin arrive in Scotland, Philia encounters the real Avalon, a place more beautiful and perilous than she’d ever imagined. If she does not fight to keep her kingdom, Amaranth will destroy her and steal Avalon for himself. And if Will cannot balance his desire to save his mother with his passion for Philia, he risks losing both of the women he loves to the man he hates.


  • 108294 words
  • About 433 pages
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