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Mark of the Wicked


A young witch tries to unravel the mystery of who is framing her for dark magic.

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Swoon Index

  • Heat

    6 (21 ratings)

  • Tears

    5 (20 ratings)

  • Laughs

    5 (22 ratings)

  • Thrills

    7 (21 ratings)

Full Description

Matilda has always been told one thing about her magic: You use only when necessary. But she doesn’t want to use her powers for good. She wants revenge and popularity and to find out where her father went when he disappeared. When a spell goes awry and the new boy at school catches her in the act, Matilda thinks her secret might be out, but Oliver seems to know more about her power then she does.

As Oliver and Matilda’s friendship becomes something more, bizarre things begin to happen in their town. Animals showing up dead with odd markings, a young girl dies mysteriously, and everyone blames Matilda. But she isn’t responsible — at least, not that she can remember. As the magic begins to spin out of control, Matilda and Oliver must discover the truth before anyone else turns up dead.


Matilda lifted her hand to her mouth, a blonde strand of hair curled around her forefinger. Her father had taught her sleight of hand and the art of distraction, which, he had told her long ago, were necessary when you lived by incantations and spells. Matilda could snatch a strand of hair or whip off a charm bracelet better than the Artful Dodger.

With her hand still in front of her mouth, Matilda breathed deeply until everyone fell away from the hall, leaving Ashley sitting in the spotlight.

“Climb from within; my pain is yours,” she whispered.

The scene came back to life and Matilda let out a whistle of breath as she rearranged the contents of her tray, glancing up at Ashley every few seconds, who kept looking over her shoulder at Sean before turning away, leaving him shaking his head and biting down a smile. Their blatant attraction made Matilda’s skin crawl with rage until Ashley cleared her throat and held her manicured fingers in front of her lips. She frowned, then turned to her neighbor and opened her mouth to say something but started coughing like a middle aged mechanic on a pack of Marlboros.

“Ash? You okay, babe?” one of Ashley’s friends asked as she patted her on the back.

Ashley thrust her chair back, her face as pale as the moon as her wide eyes bored into her friend’s. The coughing stopped and her chin wobbled as she sucked in some air. She shook her head.



“Witchy and wonderful! Well written, thoroughly unputdownable and an intriguing love story simmering underneath…you will love it!” —Cynthia Murphy, Swoon Reader

“A great read. The twists, the characters, the magic – loved it all.” —yasmin21, Swoon Reader

“What a fantastic and gripping read – brilliantly witchy!” —tammy35, Swoon Reader

“Couldn’t wait to turn each page to see what was next!” —merlene02, Swoon Reader