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Yea, my name is Raybeam Starchild, who in the verse are you?

I'm sorry, old habits die hard. Anyways, here's my story, where it all began. Well, where it started getting good at least.

I found this guy to write it for me. I guess he does a passable job, you know for a guy. I don't know, words aren't really my thing.

I guess most beings would call me a woman of action. Although I've been called a lot worse: bossy, shrewish, brash, maybe even "mean" a few times. I don't mind too much, I am who I am, and I'm proud of it.

"Spacewench" was a bit harsh though, it's a good thing that guy will never be able to talk again, but I digress.

So yea, read my story, it's got all sorts of action and adventure in it, couple o' laughs, maybe even a little romance, whatever that is...


  • 51469 words
  • About 206 pages
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