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For students of the Academy, the virtual world of Cytronica is the perfect after-school hangout. A private realm just for them and the local bots—no teachers, no parents.

Tired of its boring ways, five students find a way to tweak its code, altering the world as creatively as they see fit. The realm has limitless potential and possibilities; letting it go to waste would be a crime.

But rewriting the rules has consequences—what starts off as a fun experiment quickly becomes dangerous as the once-safe world transforms into a lawless dystopia.

They need to make a decision: reset the realm before the school finds out, or push its boundaries and embrace the carnage.

But not all agree, and the students are forced to choose a side.

And as the chaos intensifies, an all-out virtual war looms, where only the strongest can survive.


  • 77634 words
  • About 311 pages
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