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Leanne Cole has been harboring feelings for her crush for years now. But when he finally returns her feelings, she runs for the hills. Why? Because he was never supposed to like her back. He was supposed to be her crush and nothing more. You see, she believes that all guys are disappointments. Knowing who Adam is would only have all her expectations and fantasies of the past years come crushing down on her.

Adam Reed is the school's basketball player. He's popular and he knew it well. So, when he was dared to confess to a random girl, he didn't think he'd be be shot down. Especially not because of something like the Crush Zone. Did that even exist? Before he knew it, he found himself fighting to get out of the zone. Whether it was to prove a point or something else, he didn't know.


  • 63422 words
  • About 254 pages
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