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Orphaned at a young age, Charity did things on her own terms. She was strong, independent, and was absolutely sure of one thing: life is hard. Suck it up and get over it.

And then she meets V. A man of power and wealth, and Charity finds herself slowly entering his world; the way a single kiss seals a deal with the devil.

But everything comes with a price.

V hides a dark secret—and projects a sense of foreboding. And with him around, her life becomes more complicated than usual—with the added danger as a bonus.

In the first installment of the Heavenly Sins series, be captivated by the romance between good and evil, the eclipse of love and greed. And discover that love, as beautiful as it is, destroys all.

For when love strikes, it’s all you could ever want.

And when it wants, there is no higher price to pay.


  • 80121 words
  • About 320 pages
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