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Privilege, luck, and fame have Allison Kerry’s name splayed across them until, in the space of a week, her brother is shot by rebel forces and she finds herself engaged to her archenemy the Crown Prince to keep everyone’s mind off of the unrest.
Allison’s world is one where the US and democracy have fallen to the Consensus of America and monarchy. Before the attack, she’d thought all had been as peaceful as it had always been. But she finds herself playing a precarious game when she agrees to exact her revenge against those who nearly killed her brother, and the fact that she can’t quite tell who’s lying and who’s telling the truth doesn't help. The Royal Family is not what it seems, and Allison’s time at the palace as the future Queen brings about an altered impression of all. But surely, the rebels are still the villains. Surely.


  • 53467 words
  • About 214 pages
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