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‘Concerning Melissa’ Episode 1


The introduction to this series tells of the exploits of a very young girl, her esteemed companions, and the lives of those indirectly related to her. They’re lives ascend into an uncertain epidemic ridden landscape. The early beginnings in Melissa's life, opens the panorama for the immersive travel she and her peers will walk upon. This girl treads upon a figurative pilgrimage in search of a legendary ‘priestess'. A path that will put her in direct contact with individuals involved in all facets of life, whom possess unique traits and characteristics. Furthermore her journey that is imagined only to be a sort of childhood, metaphoric coping mechanism; begins to actually manifest itself upon becoming a young woman. For she in fact gradually begins to meet those of whom she very well calls ‘Valiants'.


  • 327903 words
  • About 1312 pages
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