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Coder Ready Now


Desperate to save his parents' house from foreclosure, Mat applies to a strange high-tech company in San Francisco with an even stranger interview process.
Things seem too good to be true at Coder Crack Force Inc. where he meets his mentor Coda Li, who teaches Mat how to code in Virtual Reality.
In the virtual world, Mat learns how to carve out code paths, which appear as roads, and create fantastical computing machines and huge data trees miles high out of thin air like a God. He must pass virtual and physical tests to become a Coder Field Agent.
Navigating the physical world and the virtual world, Mat and Coda as Coder Field Agents must go on dangerous real-life field missions to hack out-of-control cranes and run-away trains.
But their biggest challenge lies in the politics of this strange company.


  • 50084 words
  • About 200 pages
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