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Cloak & Dagger


Haden counts the days until he can finally pay off his debt, allowing him to leave the service of The Rat—Syva's very own spymaster. When he receives his final mark, he's surprised to find his last assignment will be to gather information for the assassins about the insufferable Princess Vena, cousin to the king of Syva. But as the pair gets closer, Haden learns she has a deadly and magical secret of her own. Vena is a healer—a fate punishable by death in Syva—and when Haden learns this, his sudden feelings of guilt force him to refuse to pass information on to the assassins. After all, he'd never expected to fall for the girl he was supposed to help kill.

Due to formatting requirements, ~ denotes a strikethrough.


  • 77729 words
  • About 311 pages
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