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Claire, Redefined


After recovering from her battle with anorexia nervosa, Claire Mason thought she had overcome the greatest demon she would ever face. Fresh out of treatment and determined to be reassured of her newfound confidence, she leaps at the chance to date the most sought-after boy at her school. But after a tumultuous 3-year relationship with him that sends her spiraling back into the darkness from which she rose, Claire finds that perhaps she never truly recovered at all. Only this time, the demon that destroys her relationship with her body and distorts the way she sees herself does not come from within.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Claire Dover is discovering he is not Claire at all. The two strangers unwittingly share the same burdens of abuse, rejection, heartbreak, and body dysmorphia, despite their vast differences.


  • 128498 words
  • About 514 pages
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