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Chiron's Descent


Marlene Prescott suffers through an education in a crowded Ohio high school. After a tarot card reading, she writes a letter to a soul mate she doubts she will ever meet and then buries it along with CDs of all her journals, musings, and stories in a portable safe. She forgets about it until a handsome yet mysterious senior named John enrolls at her school. Intrigued and inexorably drawn toward John, Marlene soon discovers he is unlike anyone she has ever known: he understands animals and communicates with her dead aunt's spirit. While John tries to keep many things from Marlene, above all he must hide the truth about his origins and her fate. Chiron's Descent portrays the beginning of John and Marlene's journey as they discover the kind of love neither one thought was possible.


  • 73660 words
  • About 295 pages
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