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Children of Ohst


When the children of the Royal Family and their friends are sent to spend the holiday in d’Ornia, the last thing they expected was to be kidnapped through a wormhole and sent to another planet.
Against them stands an army of monsters, led by an almost omnipotent wizard, a dark Nemesis.
Against such foes, they have only their skills.
Estella reads the futures; Ulius breaks, repair or controls anything technological; Frey’r is a High Berserk Norse; Vellantina is the daughter of the most dangerous assassin on the Realm and follows in her mother’s steps. Last but not least, although the least skilled, Sirinn is a beauhemian with unpaired scheming talent.
They will have to learn to work as a team. And in a team, friendship is fast to appear. And maybe… love?


  • 59166 words
  • About 237 pages
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