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CHAOTIC MAGIC-The Making of a Sorcerer


“My magic,” Septimus whispered, staring disconsolately at the globe.
“Yes, initiate,” the Danu said. “I have your magic. Now you must make a choice. Should I spare the girl, or give you the globe?”

When Jaime drinks the potion, she forgets Septimus exists. Yet Septimus never forgets her. Heart-broken, the apprentice sets out to find a cure, even if it means violating Council law. Mistress Pim isn't happy when she hears what he's done, and Septimus flees her tower, landing on the harsh streets of Delorgrave. Lucky for him the kind Sorcerer Ukrit is there to help him out.
Except Ukrit isn't as he appears. And Septimus has fallen into a viper's nest. But those are the least of his problems. Because his power is growing as well, and if he can’t learn to control his chaotic magic, it might just devour him.


  • 69946 words
  • About 280 pages
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