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Chance Meetings


"How could you manage to break the rules?! No one has ever had to deal with this problem, ever!" I looked at Michaela nervously, biting my lip to distract myself.

"I don't know! I never meant for it to happen!" She sighed before glancing around.

"You're fucked, man."


Rule 1: Don't talk to Chance

Rule 2: Don't talk about Chance

Rule 3: Don't look at Chance

Rule 4: If you get in Chance's way... Let's just say you better hope you never do.

Ella thought it would be easy to avoid Chance-- Mr.BadBoy --Crawford, especially since she abides by his rules like they were sent down by God himself. But one trip to Charlie's Diner can change all of that.


  • 49343 words
  • About 197 pages
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