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Ethan Thomas and his best friend Chris Cooper want to become popular. When a plan to improve their social standing goes wrong, the pair come to physical blows in the park. Their scuffle awakens a homeless man who is understandably hungry. Perhaps a little too hungry. He takes a bite out of Ethan's arm.

Chris has a plan to make it up to him: throw the most epic party the Neasden area has ever seen. The price for popularity is becoming too costly for Ethan, yet Chris plans the party anyway. It's a night of many firsts for Ethan. His first house party, his first kiss and his first time coughing up blood. The police arrive to restore the peace, but Ethan's injury may be worse than anyone expected.

The cost of popularity is high. One man's party might mean another's funeral.


  • 67679 words
  • About 271 pages
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